MECHANICAL SERVICE: Our mechanical engineering services are diverse and inclusive, accommodating a wide range of projects. We provide the following services:

A. Mechanical HVAC & Plumbing Design – Our team specializes in designing mechanical heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing, process piping, fire prevention, and energy management systems for various building types. We are dedicated to providing the best possible mechanical engineering services to architects, contractors, and building owners. We offer services for various types of buildings such as apartments, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, healthcare facilities, gas stations, schools, and many more.

B. Pump Station Design – We provide professional design services for pump stations, piping systems, and mechanical systems for water and wastewater treatment plants.

C. Mechanical Product Design – Our team offers engineering services for industrial and commercial machinery projects. We have substantial expertise in product development, including design patents and improvements by software inventors.

D. Title 24 – We prepare Title 24 energy reports to improve the design of mechanical plans in accordance with the Energy Code. Our team uses the most recent Title 24 performance program Energy Pro to ensure compliance. We provide developers and architects with information about energy compliance choices and potential construction cost consequences connected to Title 24 energy requirements for their projects before submitting Title 24 energy reports for building permits.

E. Multi-spindle – We specialize in multi-spindle drilling head development and design (Gearbox) for large production where numerous pieces of work need to be drilled with numerous holes. The mechanical industry uses multi-spindle head machines to boost the productivity of equipment systems.

Hamid assumes direct accountability for the supervision and management of the mechanical and plumbing department, encompassing meticulous oversight, rigorous quality control, comprehensive review of calculations, plans, specifications, narratives, and the intricate design of mechanical and plumbing systems.

Hamid’s exceptional analytical prowess and adept problem-solving acumen contribute to the development of exceptionally streamlined and resource-efficient architectural mechanical and plumbing system designs. His unwavering punctuality significantly facilitates the adherence to project timelines, ensuring timely project completion. Hamid’s expertise spans an array of specialized areas, including the intricate design of chilled water systems, heating hot water systems, water source heat pump systems, steam systems, fuel oil systems, as well as domestic cold and hot water systems. He demonstrates a profound mastery of incorporating the latest advancements in energy efficiency codes and standards, a proficiency that extends seamlessly to both State and Federal projects.

At HRH ENGINEERING, we are committed to delivering exceptional services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients. Contact us today at (858) 405 7818 or to discuss your mechanical engineering design project needs. Visit our website at for more information about our services.