Hamid boasts extensive professional expertise in designing and managing mechanical systems, including heating, ventilating, refrigerating, air conditioning, plumbing, process piping, fire protection, solar systems, and energy management systems across diverse building types. Proficient in utilizing AutoCAD/REVIT, Energy Pro, Inventor, Solidworks, and Home Design, he ensures meticulous compliance with building codes and municipal regulations.

His role involves reviewing mechanical and plumbing plans for regulatory adherence, researching permits and property history, and verifying planning and zoning conformance. Hamid excels in pump operation analysis, selecting pumps for optimal efficiency, and minimizing life-cycle costs.

Additionally, his background extends to designing high-accuracy robotics systems using Inventor software. As an Industrial Design professional, Hamid coordinates blueprint and manufacturing issues, prepares training material, and mentors junior engineers and technicians. He is resourceful in crafting technical documents, including engineering releases.

Furthermore, Hamid serves as an expert in Biomechanic Engineering, holding an official justice expert license and contributing to the field of Biomedical Equipment. He is also a Patent Engineer specializing in building mechanical system connections, holding a license from the Esfahan Society of Consulting Engineers. Explore more about his expertise at http://www.kkrdi.ir and http://www.esfceo.ir.

Having arrived in America in 2013, Hamid leveraged his prior experience and conducted a comprehensive review of California’s regulatory landscape. Drawing from five years of experience within the municipality of Oceanside, he successfully obtained a mechanical engineering license. Fueled by a profound interest in architectural engineering, Hamid initiated his professional journey by establishing his own company in 2021. Concurrently, he immersed himself in the design of mechanical facilities while actively preparing Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) plans. With an aspirational objective to contribute to the design of large-scale buildings in America, Hamid remains dedicated and works tirelessly towards the realization of his professional goals.